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Graduation Date Graduate Specialization Master Thesis
28 OCT 2018 Sr. Edna Pearl. Esquibel, CSSF No Specialization specified Love Yourself for the Love of God: Reframing the Great Commandment in the Francisican Perspective
28 OCT 2018 Fr Emmanuel Chike Uba No Specialization specified Pastoral Challenges in Igbo Catholic Marriage: A Dialogue between the Church and Tradition
23 APR 2017 Anna Tabor No Specialization specified A Modest Proposal to Endow
21 AUG 2016 Michael Pitchford No Specialization specified A Study of Pilgimage Systems: What Constitutes Powerful Ecumenical Pilgrimage?
21 AUG 2016 Thomas Skorupa No Specialization specified Yoga as a Graced Lens, Container, and Resource for Christian Faith and Practice
15 AUG 2015 Bernadette Bach Catechesis The Nullity Process: Are There Opportunities for Improvement in Ministry?
15 AUG 2015 Najla Bonahoom-Sluder None The Second Vatican Council and the Laity: Who are the Laity and How Do the Laity Function within the Church.
15 AUG 2015 Sr. Josephine Peralta None Saint Josephine Bakhita: Step into Freedom
15 AUG 2015 Mary Reinhardt Spirituality Awaking Liturgical Spirituality in the Royal Priesthood of the Laity with Performance Theory
17 AUG 2014 Brother James Joseph Owens, O.Praem No Specialization specified Faithful Leadership in a Postmodern World.
17 AUG 2014

Joseph L. Sandoval,O.Praem.obl

No Specialization specified Making God Relevant: A Process Theology Understanding of God and Evil in a Modern World
17 AUG 2014 Antoinette I. Silva No Specialization specified Hermeneutics Deep within Catholic Church History: A Celebration of Women in Ministry
17 AUG 2014 Deacon Joseph Orlando Silva No Specialization specified Preaching for Conversion: It is a Matter of Interpretation
18 AUG 2013 Rebecca Lynn Hemphill Pastoral "Foolish"Christian Hope and Healing Prayer Practical Theological Challenges for a Hospital Chaplain
18 AUG 2013 Jennifer Elizabeth Murphy-Dye Pastoral Creating Educating the Laity on the Second Vatical Council
12 AUG 2012 Diane Wilson Kay Pastoral Saint Nicholas: Reclaiming His History From Commercial Characterization
21 AUG 2011 Winona Poole Pastoral Lessons from the Garden: An Elementary Children's Bible Study Curriculum Build on the Foundation of Celtic Spirituality
21 AUG 2011 Daniel Gutierrez Pastoral Where the Cross Meets the Earth: Small Church Communities Effeting Social Change
21 AUG 2011 Deborah Ann Ciddio Pastoral Praxis of a Theology of Presence
21 AUG 2011 Dorothy Burns Pastoral Developing Ecumenism: Faith of our Fathers and Friends in a Changeing World.
15 DEC 2010 Lisa Ford Pastoral What God Demonstrated Through Jesus: Non-Violence and Reconciliation Encouraging Parish-Wide Discernment of the Topic of War
16 AUG 2009 Mary C. Dudley Pastoral Fire Up your Faith: A Workshop in the Holy Spirit for Adults
16 AUG 2009 Deacon Michael R. Wesley Catechetical Dietrich Bonhoeffer and a Theology of Suffering: An Ecumentical Catechesis
15 JUN 2008 Mary E. Donato Pastoral Discipleship: A Path to Lifelong Learning
15 JUN 2008 Mary E. Lukes Catechetical Toward Opening the Gift of Faith: A Proposal for Spiritual Reflections Program for Catholic Couples Engaged to Marry
15 JUN 2008 Harold Robert Pullings Jr Liturgy A Parish Model for Kindling Personal Prayer Life
17 JUN 2007

Patrick Cox


The Ecclesiology of Las Posadas

17 JUN 2007 Deacon Frank J Lucero JR Pastoral A Process for Deepening the Faith of Adult Catholics Preparing for the Baptism of their Children
17 JUN 2007 Susan Zens Pastoral Unifying Ministry and the Laity through the Discernment of Spiritual Gifts
17 JUN 2006 Bob Evans Pastoral Making Peace with Dying: A Proposal For Pastoral Support
20 JUN 2006 Jennifer Houidobre Religious Education

From Fear to Courage: A Journey Toward Becoming an Effective Evangelizing Church

20 JUN 2004 Maria Elva Avila-Vasquez Pastoral

The Christian Family and the Celebration of Rituals Throughout the Liturgical Year

20 JUN 2004 DCN Andy Carrillo Pastoral

Be Mindful of Prisoners as if Sharing their Imprisonment (Hebrews 13:3): Model for Ministry to the Imprisoned

20 JUN 2004 Linda Hixon Pastoral

Successful Mission: A Lay Woman's Perspective

20 JUN 2004 Scott Howard Religious Education

A Place Where They Are Free to Choose Christ: Helping Teens to Choose Faith

20 JUN 2004 Pauline Montano Pastoral

Bible Study for Christian Cummunity: Paul's Letter to the Galatains: How Justification by Faith Brings Freedom to the Christain Life

03 AUG 2002 Sharon Brannen Fd CC Pastoral

Thresholds Mentoring: Juvenile Justice Ministry in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe

03 AUG 2002 Linda J. Granato Liturgy

Community and Christian Initiation

03 AUG 2002 Pat MacIntire Pastoral

Lectio Divina: A way to Transformation

04 MAY 2000 Teresita Scully Pastoral

Women Crafting Theology