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In 1987, St Norbert College began a Master of Theological Studies program. The program incorporates into its structure of grounding in the Christian theological tradition. The central core is six required courses (18 credits) covering the traditional areas of theology. An off-campus site was developed in 1997 for the program in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to serve the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and area churches. The Master of Theological Studies is a professional rather than a research degree. Courses are offered year round in the late afternoon, evenings, or on Saturdays. The program may be completed sooner if the student takes courses during the year. It may take longer for some students who lack the essential prerequisites. St Norbert College, in offering the program, seeks to provide the necessary intellectual challenge that will help students explore their strengths, gifts and skills through a rigorous program of theological and pastoral studies. The student who successfully completes the program achieves a professional degree. Specializations are available in ministry, pastoral ministry, and spirituality. Why pursue theological studies? The program that has been developed seeks to serve the particular needs of the ecumenical community in New Mexico. It incorporates into its structure a grounding in the Christian tradition, practical theology and professional development. The central core courses cover the traditional areas of theology. From the point of view of both the College and the diocese, the need for a common theological base is paramount in education lay ministers for the professional roles they will be expected to fill upon completion of the program. Mission Statement. The mission of the Master of Theological Studies is to provide a solid theological foundation for effective and transformative pastoral practice. Message from the Director, Howard Ebert. We live in a rapidly changing world with many urgent needs. As Christians we are called to respond to those needs. Today, more than at any other time in the Church, there is a need for educated, thoughtful and committed believers. The St. Norbert College Masters in Theological Studies (MTS) program, both in De Pere and the satellite campus in Albuquerque, NM, grounds students in the profound and rich Christian tradition in order to address the changing realities of life. Through the core courses, students learn the history of Christian doctrine and engage in critically engaged theological reflection about the essential components of the faith. The areas of specialization allow students to tailor their education to their respective interests and needs. For those who are looking to gain a basic graduate understanding or may be looking to expand their area of competence, there are certificate programs available. The key strength of the MTS program is the people. We have an outstanding faculty who are passionately committed to the faith and committed to educate students in the transformative power of the Gospel and the Church. They are active researchers who themselves contribute to ongoing scholarly exploration of the Christian tradition. In addition we have been able to attract first-rate students whose commitment and inquisitiveness are sources of inspiration and wisdom for the faculty and their fellow students alike. I hope you will consider joining us as we explore the challenging reality of Catholicism and the Christian faith in these unique times. Sincerely, Dr. Howard Ebert, ‘74 Director, Master of Theological Studies, Master of Liberal Studies Associate Professor, Religious Studies
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