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Master of Theology Courses
Master of Theological Studies Curriculum The Master of Theological Studies program provides options to fit your life and your needs. We offer a full degree program and a certificate program. Here is a summary of what’s available. Do contact us to help you determine what route is best for you. Full Degree Program Students who pursue the full M.T.S. degree program may find themselves working for the church or diocese or in others cases working as spiritual directors, chaplains, religious educators or teaching in an undergraduate program.
Core Courses (18 credits) THEO 501 Systematic Theology and Theological Method THEO 502 Historical Development of Christian Tradition THEO 503 Scripture and Biblical Interpretation THEO 504 Christian Ethics THEO 505 Christology THEO 506 The Nature and Mission of the Church THEO 509 General Comprehensive Exam (0 credits) THEO 510 Integrative Colloquium (2 credits) THEO 512 Master’s Thesis Project I (1 credit) THEO 512 Master's Thesis Project II (1 credit)
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