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Master of Theology Courses
This is available if you have a bachelor's degree in some other area and are seeking to enhance and enrich your theological background. You should have at least a foundational knowledge of Scripture and theology before entering the certificate program. This program is intended for students who only want to take six courses and complete a final 12-15 page paper, not a thesis. Students receive a certificate rather than a degree. Some students choose this option to further their education in theology or gain certification hours. The certificate program requires you to complete the core theological courses (THEO 501-506) with a minimum GPA of 3.00 and complete a final project paper. THEO 501 Systematic Theology and Theological Method THEO 502 Historical Development of Christian Tradition THEO 503 Scripture and Biblical Interpretation THEO 504 Christian Ethics THEO 505 Christology THEO 506 The Nature and Mission of the Church
Certificate Program for Theological Competency
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