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THEO 501 Systematic Theology and Theological Method (3): This course examines the foundations of theology and theological method. It explores the role of scripture, doctrine, ecclesial practice, philosophy and the sciences in theological reflection. It examines the distinctive and diverse methods that are employed in contemporary Christian thought with special emphasis on practical theology. The central themes of faith, revelation, God, creation and eschatology are addressed.
THEO 502 Historical Development of Christian Tradition (3): This course studies the development of Christian theological tradition in its unity and diversity, through the contributions of major theological figures, critical movements within the Christian community and the social context in which theology is formed. It explores a variety of approaches to theological inquiry from classical tradition to modern revisions in interpretation, diversity and the research skills necessary for doing theology today.
THEO 503 Scripture and Biblical Interpretation (3): This is an introduction to contemporary exegetical methods of interpretation through a study of particular biblical texts. The course will also investigate related biblical questions such as inspiration, canonicity and the place of scripture in the Christian community.
THEO 504 Christian Ethics (3): Christian ethics will examine the basis of a Christian response to moral questions. The study will include the development of a method consistent with the role of a disciple of Jesus and attempt to apply the method of specific issues such as nuclear war, bioethical issues and economic social justice.